Click on the link below to view the video where last night more than 230 litres of rainwater per cubic metre inundated this small village within a period of two hours.

El Diario de Mallorca, reported that the village affected by the flash flood was already identified as an area with a significant potential risk of flooding. The comments in “El Diario de Mallorca” translated below, indicate that the village was included in an area identified as potentially at risk of flooding.

“An area with Potential Significant Flood Risk (ARPSI in Spanish), is defined based on the preliminary assessment carried out by the competent authorities in matters of water, coast and civil protection, according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition. A declaration as an ARPSI occurs because it has been concluded that there is a potential risk of significant flooding or that it may be considered probable.

In order for an area such as the towns of Sant Llorenc and S´Illot to be defined as a flood zone, “readily available information such as recorded data and long term evolution studies,” have been taken into account according to the Ministerial web page. The impact of climate change  is also incorporated, as well as the actual occupation of  land in the area, the existence of infrastructures and activities to protect against floods and the information provided by the National Floodplain Mapping System and by the competent Administrations in the matter.”