independent property advice & solutions in Spain

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How to make your house purchase easier in Spain

We want to offer reports which provide you with impartial information about some of the potential issues that can affect a property in the future.

Active in Spain since 1995, our aim is to provide you with the knowledge to make a more informed property purchase by offering independent property advice & solutions. Buying a new home can be expensive, full of emotion  and time consuming. It is therefore  important to have professional advice acting in your best interests. This is not a substitute for professional legal advice, the intention is to provide you and your legal advisers with the information on which to arrive at an informed decision on your purchase.


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The Services that we Offer

A Full “bespoke” Planning and Territorial Report for a property.

Flood Risk Assessment Report

Fire Risk Assessment Report (Coming soon)

We can also provide property & land searches

Other property related  services

Peace of mind included

Independent property advice & solutions geared to providing you with peace of mind

Buy your Property the right way!

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